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Implants are spiral-tapered implants with sharp threads and a pronounced tapered core that have been uniquely designed with sharper cutting flutes to slice through and widen the bone gradually.

Why choose SPR?

• Minimize micro movement and reduce bone resorption

• Improved cutting ability

• Better bone-to-implant contact for better primary stability

• Exceptional solution for immediate placement and loading

• Fast insertion

• Self-tapping

• Bone condensing

• RBM surface treatment enhances soft tissue integration and stabilizes crestal bone

Upper Diameter Ø 3.3 mm
Lower Diameter Ø 2.8 mm


Length Catalog Number
8.5 mm Bio-SPR3308
10 mm Bio-SPR3310
11.5 mm Bio-SPR3311
13 mm Bio-SPR3313
16 mm Bio-SPR3316


SPR Ø 3.3 mm
Upper Diameter Ø 3.75 mm
Lower Diameter Ø 2.9 mm


Length Catalog Number
6 mm Bio-SPR3706
8.5 mm Bio-SPR3708
10 mm Bio-SPR3710
11.5 mm Bio-SPR3711
13 mm Bio-SPR3713
16 mm Bio-SPR3716


SPR Ø 3.75 mm
Upper Diameter Ø 4.2 mm
Lower Diameter Ø 3.3 mm


Length Catalog Number
6 mm Bio-SPR4206
8.5 mm Bio-SPR4208
10 mm Bio-SPR4210
11.5 mm Bio-SPR4211
13 mm Bio-SPR4213
16 mm Bio-SPR4216


SPR Ø 4.2 mm
Upper Diameter Ø 5.0 mm
Lower Diameter Ø 4.1 mm


Length Catalog Number
6 mm Bio-SPR5006
8.5 mm Bio-SPR5008
10 mm Bio-SPR5010
11.5 mm Bio-SPR5011
13 mm Bio-SPR5013
16 mm Bio-SPR5016


SPR Ø 5.0 mm

BIOTEC, a pioneering German dental implant firm founded in 2005, is driving dental care innovation. With a team of dental experts, we craft precision-focused solutions, including implant systems, surgical kits, prosthetics, CAD/CAM tech, and biomaterials. Our biodegradable titanium alloy implants embody durability and reliability. Built by dentists, for dentists, we cater to global needs. Collaborative distributor networks empower advanced dental care. BIOTEC's dedication and Germany's foundation redefine dental implants for a brighter future. Join our journey to transform dental care and experience the reimagined world of BIOTEC implants.

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